Read what teachers have to say about why we #LoveTeaching: 

I #LoveTeaching Because I Help My Students Connect to Worlds Outside the Classroom

by Kelly Elder

The Best Part of Teaching is When You Succeed in Engaging Students' Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Erin Fox

I #LoveTeaching-Even on the Tough Days

by Sean McComb

Even On the Most Hectic Days, Being a Teacher is Amazing

by Lauren Danner

by Tom Rademacher

I #LoveTeaching Because I Craft Tomorrow's Heroes Today

by Sean Wybrant

Why We Are All Up in Our Feelings About Teaching

by Leah Wilson

by Shanna Peeples

I #LoveTeaching. I Just Hate February.

by Tom Rademacher

Just Listen to How People Talk about Their Favorite Teacher & You'll See Why I #LoveTeaching

by Tom Rademacher

I Always Write about How Hard Teaching Is But I Really Do Love It

by Tom Rademacher

Here's How We Made Sure My Student's Dying Father Didn't Miss Her Graduation

by Becky Mitchell

Teaching is About So Much More Than a Job...

by Tom Rademacher

This is Why I #LoveTeaching

by Sydney Chaffee

Why I Will Never Quit

by Todd Nesloney

by Brett Bigham

You Know You Love Teaching When You're on Maternity Leave & Stop to Talk to a Former Student

by Heidi Crumrine

Teaching Is...Helping Others to "See" Through Learning

by Gary Abud, Jr.

This Story about Justin Bieber and Mac & Cheese is Why I Love Teaching

by Brett Bigham

by Rus VanWestervelt

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