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Why I #LoveTeaching

submitted by Melissa A. Cooper, MO

I #LoveTeaching because every day as a music teacher I build relationships of joy with students. I see their faces light up when they realize they are reading music, whether they are singing solfege, counting rhythms, playing the classroom instruments, recorder, guitar, or ukuleke.


The bonus return I get is when I receive personal messages from parents through my school Dojo, Remind, or my closed Facebook group. Recently, a kindergarten mother said her son was singing the months of the year song all over the house, and then at church he was actually trying to follow the notes in the hymnal and not just the words. Score!! And just this past week, a very hard-to-reach 3rd grade child's mom sent me a video of her playing the guitar at home. The next day, during class, I was able to praise that child and ask her to show me what she is practicing at home. I am eager to hear her and praise her success. We should never doubt who we reach.


This is why I #LoveTeaching. We touch lives every day, so spread the joy and build those relationships!

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