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2019 #LoveTeaching Blogs

I #LoveTeaching Because I Help My Students Connect to Worlds Outside the Classroom

by Kelly Elder

I Always Write about How Hard Teaching Is But I Really Do Love It

by Tom Rademacher, 

LTW Co-Founder

Here's How We Made Sure My Student's Dying Father Didn't Miss Her Graduation

by Becky Mitchell

Here's Why I Became a Teacher- And How One Philadelphia Summer School Student Became My Inspiration

by McKenzie Allen

by Brett Bigham

You Know You Love Teaching When You're on Maternity Leave & Stop to Talk to a Former Student

by Heidi Crumrine

I #LoveTeaching Because I Never Stop Learning

by Shelly Gaughan

The Best Part of Teaching is When You Succeed in Engaging Students' Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Erin Fox

I #LoveTeaching Because I Craft Tomorrow's Heroes Today

by Sean Wybrant

Why We Are All Up in Our Feelings About Teaching

by Leah Wilson

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